Thursday, June 3, 2010

.☆.Glimmer.☆.Hitachiin Hikaru.☆.Lemon one-shot (Request for hazukipeacefox)

Name: Youko Fujioka
Age: 15
Rich Or Poor: Poor
Family: Uncle Fujioka and cousin Haruhi, Parents split up; stays with her father on the weekends, if he’s in the city that is.
Looks: Up above
(dark brown hair grey eyes and looks nothing like Haruhi. She has a large chest and could most defiantly not be mistaken as a guy.)
Are you in the host club: No, just help Haruhi sometimes.
Are you a customer of the host club: No
Personality: kind, Loving, fun and playful
Horoscope Sign: Winter


“Uncle come on this isn’t funny and stop following us we’ll be fine.” You say tapping your feet while staring at your uncle. “I know but I just wanted to make sure my darling Haruhi and niece Youko made it safe is all.” He says with hearts in his eyes. “Dad we’re going to be late if you don’t let me go.” Haruhi says, sighing as her father your uncle let her go finally.
“Come one Haruhi, we’ll see you later Uncle.” You shout taking Haruhi by the hand and running off.

“You would think that this place with four libraries, would be quiet somewhere.” Haruhi says, closing the door. You and her start to head up some stairs, down the hall until you get to a music room. “I’m starting to think rich kids only come here to have fun.” Haruhi mumbles, you smile at her. “Maybe it’s quiet in here so we can read and all.” You suggest, Haruhi reaches her hands out opening the door.

You blinked a few times as bright light hit your eyes, soon followed by roses flowing in the way. You look to Haruhi as she did the same, then voices were heard saying. “Welcome.” You push Haruhi in, closing the door. She starts to really get funny in your arms as you hear the boys from across talking about her, you start to laugh as they assume Haruhi is a guy. She stays near you and the door freaking out, a bit anxiety hitting her.

“Hikaru, Kaoru I believe this young man is in the same class as you, isn’t he?” A boy with black hair and glasses ask, the twin boys standing next to him. “Yeah, but he’s shy. He doesn’t act very sociably, so we don’t know much about him.” They respond. The boy with glasses smirk saying. “Well that wasn’t very polite, and what about they girl behind him?” They say to him. “She’s always with Haruhi, and they’re cousins.”

They twins look at each other with weird expressions as the boy with glasses looks at you and Haruhi smiling so kindly as he says. “Welcome to the Ouran Host Club, Mr. and Mrs. Honor student.” Then suddenly a boy with blond hair and bright blue eyes stands up. “What? You must both be Haruhi and Youko Fujioka. You’re both the exceptional honor students we’ve heard about.” He says causing you both to stare at him, Haruhi stops fidgeting at the door turning around very slowly.

“How did you know our name?” Haruhi asks, still mostly facing the door. The boy with glasses answers. “Why you’re both very infamous, its not every day that a commoner gains entrance into our academy. You both must have an audacious nerve, to work hard enough to fight your way into this school as an honor student Mr. and Mrs. Fujioka.” You smile and look to Haruhi as she turned around facing them. Her expression being priceless, even though you both didn’t wear their school uniform.

“Well a- thank you. I guess.” She stutters out, you pull back seeing the blond boy reach his arms out and around her saying. “You’re both welcomed, you’re both hero’s to other poor people Fujioka. You’ve shown that even a poor person can excel into an elite private academy.” As he kept saying this Haruhi moves away and he continued on as he followed Haruhi. “It must be hard for you to constantly be looked down upon by others.” Haruhi then says to him in reply. “I think you’re taking this poor thing to far.” As she continues to move around the room away from the young man.

“Spared, neglected, not that it mattered now but long live the poor. You poor man and woman we welcome you to our world of beauty.” He shouts, holding Haruhi in his right arm. As soon as he let her go she no longer ran from him, but walked to the door saying. “I’m out of here, let’s go Youko.” You nodded your head in agreement, that was until Haruhi was suddenly pulled back. In reaction she grabbed your wrist pulling you back with her.

“Hey, come back here Haru-chan, Youko-chan. You both must be like super heroes or something that’s so cool.” A young boy says, he too had blond hair. He still held onto Haruhi’s arm, smiling like a child around candy. You regain your composer as Haruhi stays still then says to the little boy. “I’m not a hero I’m an honor student, and who are you calling Haru-chan?” The boy by the harsh tone in her voice leaned back from her shouting.

“I never would have imagine a famous scholar would be so openly gay.” The tall blond boy says, but more to himself. Haruhi huffing and puffing stood up looking at him as she repeats. “So openly what?” The boy then says. “So tell me what kind of guys are you into, do you like the strong silent type. The boy Lolita, or how about the mischievous type or the cool type?” Haruhi slowly backs up into you causing you to back up, you stepped aside looking at her expression while she continues to back up and says. “I uh I-its not like that I was just uh. Looking I mean we were just looking for a quiet place to study.”

Then the blond tall boy walks closer to Haruhi placing his palms to her cheeks, and says to her. “Or maybe you’re into a guy like me, what do you say?” Haruhi unable to keep her thoughts their falls out of his grasp. Still backing up until she hits into a vase, looking over she grasps as it starts to fall. You watched as Haruhi reaches out for the handle of the vase as you walk over to her, but her grip falls to grab it and the vase breaks into several pieces.

Haruhi’s shocked expression gave away fear in her eyes, as you rubbed her back. The twins both looked over your and her shoulder saying. “Ahuuhh, we were going to feature that resonance vase in an upcoming school auction.” Then the other twin says right after. “Oh now you’ve done it commoner, and the bidding on that vase was supposed to start at eight million yen.” You look at Haruhi as she says out loud. “What! Eight million yen” then she starts to count with her fingers while saying to herself. “How many thousand yen is that, how many thousand yen is that.” Over and over repeating to herself.

She stops counting with her fingers leans up looking over her shoulder at the twins, as she says. “I’m going to have to pay you back.” They then say. “With what money you can’t even afford a school uniform.” Haruhi turns around in a jump, shaking. You see the boy with glasses walk over to the broken vase picking up a large piece as he says. “Well what do you think we should do Tamaki?” Haruhi and you felt a shiver down your spins, you tried to hold onto her in a hug but she kept shaking in fear.

“There is a famous saying you’ve both may have hear Fujioka, when in Rome you should do as the Romans do.” He says pointing his finger then continues on his ranting. “Since you don’t have no money you can pay with your body, that means starting from today you’re the host clubs dog.” “What wait, can’t there be another way?” You ask, seeing Haruhi black out in thought. “Haruhi?” You call out as she falls over, you lean down to her. “Youko it’s alright.” She whispered to you.

“If you’re taking Haruhi, then allow me help pay off her debt to you guys.” You demand, the boy with glasses looks to you. “Very well you may assist Haruhi, but since you wish to do so.”

As you and Haruhi did the shopping, then arrive back. The host club started to do there jobs, but as she takes out the instant coffee there was a big scene as she makes the commoners coffee. You leaned back against the door watching everyone take in Haruhi as they thought and even saw how one girl was acting as she tossed in the pond Haruhi’s stuff. After school when Haruhi was done you both headed on home, you smiled looking at her.

“Rough day?” You questioned, she nodded. “Yeah, now they want me to be a host rather then a dog.” She says tiredly, you laugh. “Better really, so they seriously want you to do a thousand quota?” You ask, as you both turned the knob to the small apartment you all shared. “Yes, you hungry?” Came her reply as her stomach growled and you closed the door. “Rest Haru-chan, I’ll make us something.” You offer, she goes to the room you and her share.

You made some grey tea, and rice balls for you both since you knew your uncle wasn’t home from his night job. You brought a tray with the tea and snack into the room, Haruhi studying as usual looked up at you. “Nothing much but here, let’s eat.” You say, smiling to her. You both stayed up, studying for a few more hours. You looked up from your book, seeing Haruhi asleep. You got up taking the tray back out, then washed up the dishes.

‘Auntie watch over little Haruhi, sleep tight.’ You thought to Haruhi’s mother, then you frowned thinking of your own parents. You went on to bed, falling fast asleep. When you woke up later in the morning, you noticed after getting ready that Haruhi had made breakfast. You sat down and ate, slowly as you watched her eat too. “Sleep well?” You ask, your mouth partly full until you swallowed. “Yes Youko-chan.” She laughs seeing your face to her calling you chan. “You know your lucky we’re family, Haru-chan.” You mock, she smiles taking her dishes and cleaning them. You soon followed repeating the same as she did, Haruhi grabs her stuff and brings out yours.

“Great another weird day with these spoiled rich brats. Oh hey I know that guy Kyouya said I don’t have to be a member, but I could help yeah out if you need me to after I’m done in my class.” You tell her as you both headed out the door and on to school. “No it’s fine, I’ll just see you after school.” She replies.

Three months pass by, on and off you would assist Haruhi and the host club with their activities. As you watched over them you started to feel something for one of the boys, well Hikaru to be exact. As your helping Haruhi at this resort like place for summer work, you couldn’t help but think about Hikaru. That was until you hear Haruhi gasp, looking over there once again was the members of the host club. “What are you guys doing here?” You ask as Haruhi was talking to them, Hikaru glances to you. Kaoru looks between you and Hikaru, smiling to himself.

“We didn’t know where our little Haruhi went off to.” Tamaki says, in his princely charm. You shake your head and walk away back to your duties, along followed Haruhi. Suddenly the owner, and your uncles friend comes out offering the group of boys a challenge. They all got thrilled, except for Kyouya. You walk to that boy curiously, then leaned next to him. “How come you’re not joining in?” You ask. He pushes up his glasses, closing his notebook. “Simple, the boys want to stay here around you and Haruhi, whichever of the one wins stays.” He says. “That doesn’t answer my question.” You noted, he smirks. “I know, but our family has a villa around here. We all do really.” He replies, you shrug your shoulders and walk away.

“Hey Haruhi lets hang the sheet up outside to dry.” You say pulling a basket load of sheets out of the washer, she nods helping you. Outside the boys were doing some work, Mori, Hikaru, Kaoru and Tamaki. Each doing something different, you and Haruhi hung up three sheets when you hear yelling. “Kaoru, are you alright.” You look over hearing Hikaru’s voice, out of impulse you ran over. You bent down seeing Kaoru holding his cheek, a small but noticing scratch began to bleed.

“Haruhi can you get the first aid kit?” You ask, Haruhi nods and went to get the kit. Hikaru’s expression turned calm, as Kaoru lifts his left hand to your face pulling you so he can whisper in your ear. “I’ll be fine but can you watch over Hikaru?” You pulled back quirking your brow as Haruhi came back out giving you some band-aids. “I am sure he’s fine.” You whisper back to Kaoru then got up with Haruhi. The girls all around cheered, but moments later you and Haruhi soon hear the piano start to play.

As the day soon came to an end, Hikaru was upset with Haruhi and you. You watched Haruhi say farewell to an old school friend and soon a boy looking like Hikaru came out to apologized, but everyone knew it was Kaoru and not Hikaru. Feeling somewhat sadden you looked up, to the room since the Hitachiin twins were staying. Only to see no one in the window, walking silently away from the group you headed up to the room where Hikaru is. You knocked on the door twice, then you say through the door. “Hikaru it’s me, can I come in?”

You heard footstep approach the door, it opened revealing Hikaru sadden expression. “Are you ok?” You ask him, as he lets you in to the room. “Yeah.” He replies taking a seat on the bed, you sat next to him with your hands on your lap. “Why did you lash out like that?” You ask, referring to how he got angry over something as you and Haruhi were talking to an old schoolmate. He shrugs his shoulders as he says. “I don’t know, maybe its…maybe its cause I like you.”

“Hikaru.” You softly whisper, placing your hand into his. Hikaru leans in gently meeting your lips, when the door suddenly opens. You and Hikaru blush as Kaoru smiles, then closes the door again. What interesting thoughts that had run through Kaoru’s mind, we shall never know but both you and Hikaru had the same thought leaning back over to each other. The kiss stayed romantically while both your and Hikaru’s hands moved, roaming each others body as if it were an exploration.

Hikaru’s leans forward, as your back hits the soft warm bed. His lips trails down, nibbling and sucking on your tender flesh leaving love bites all over your neck. You moaned when he hit your soft spot, but you got louder as he bit. Gripping the linen sheets between your fingers, when you feel his hands moved down. His fingers taunting your lower region, wetness soon follows as he massages your clit.

He takes his hand out of your pants, removing your shirt then your pants leaving you in your bra and panty. He reclaims your lips while his hands move to the back, removing your bra. Hikaru sits up taking off his shirt, then unbuttons, and unzips his pants pulling them off of him. “Ah, Hikaru.” You moan, the vibrations in your voice sent shivers down his spine. He moves his tongue down in between your breast, licking and taunting your light pink nipples.

The sounds he was making just by sucking, sent an earthquake to your body. You hear him grunting, as you reached down on him, rubbing over his thick length through his boxers. He moves back to your lips claiming them, swirling your tongues together while moaning each other’s name. He reaches down again, parting his finger tips under your panty again, rubbing over your clit and then he moved down to your entrance. Sticking in two of his fingers, you arched your back up off the bed as he pumps in and out.

His fingers coated with your velvety juices, you continue on arching up and up. A feeling came in control at the pit of your stomach, Hikaru felt your walls tightened around his fingers. He knowing you were about to come, moved his fingers away replacing them with his tongue. Licking you up as if you were to only thing he could savor, more as he were something he desired. Hikaru lapped you up, his tongue dancing around in circles, you moaned again but loudly as you came into his mouth.

Moving back up towards you, as he did not only removed your panty, but his boxers as well. “You tasted so good.” He says, licking his lips. You got to taste yourself upon his lips as he met yours once again, but a sudden sting of pain rocked your body in an instant. Tears leaked from your eyes as he entered you swiftly, he stayed still. Holding your swollen lips to his until you were used to his size, your arms moved over his back as he was propped on his arms and elbows. He moved from your lips, licking your tears away. “I’m sorry, I know it must hurt. Just let me know when you want me to move, or if you don’t fell no more pain.” He says softly, you nodded.

The pain subsided, you smile seeing he was leaned into the crook of your neck just waiting for you. Bucking your hips up, he jolted back down. He leans his head up looking deeply into your gaze, then he captures your lips again pulling out and then back in. His motions were gentle not rough, yet the lust in his eyes as he pulls from your lips said something of its own. He lifts up, on his knees. Wrapping your legs around his waist, thrusting a bit harder now while going in and out repeating it over and over.

“Naa… Hikaru.” You moaned as you felt him hit an area more and it seemed to send you in a craze. He leans forward, his nose above yours. Your mouth parted a bit as he felt your warm breath hit his face, he pulled out again but as he thrusts back in. He did it much more hard and rough staying deep inside of you, as he moves up and out, not taking the tip of his dick all the way out. As he slams right back in every so often, you bucked your hips meeting him half way.

“Youko.” He groaned, then sat back up on his knees lifting your left leg up against his chest. “Ah Hikaru naaa.” You moaned, he repeatedly slammed in and out of you, again feeling the same as before. He too felt your ready to release, and he knew he was ready too. Hikaru thrusts in and out, deep and hard. Pulling himself more and more over the edge as he felt his climax began. “Youko, I’m going to come.” He grunted, shouting slightly. Hikaru pulled out of you dropping your leg, panting as he says to you. “Ride me?”

Hikaru lays down as you move on top of him, he bucks his hips up just as you put him to your entrance. “Hikaru.” You moaned, leaning forward and riding him. He met your thrusts with the lightest of movements, you closed your eyes sitting up hopping on him. Your hips rocked up and down as you leaned your body back, he grunts out loud. “Youko, faster Youko please faster.” You picked up a bit more pace when he suddenly flips you over on all fours and enters hard from behind. Both hitting at the same pace, the feeling bubbling over again. Hikaru knew this was soon coming to an end, so he went faster, harder and much more deeper.

“Youko, come with me.” He groaned to you leaning over near the back of your ear. His voice so seductive, you trembled over and over feeling your release soon. “Hikaru, I’m coming.” You screamed, and seconds later he joins in as you mouth yelled. “YOUKO, HIKARU!” Both of your bodies dropped as your and his sex mixed together, he pulls out laying on his side as you were on your stomach with your head turned facing him. “If you already didn’t know, Youko…that you’re the one I want.” He started but his words were cut off by your finger. You sit up and he follows as you say to him, with such passion. “It was like love at first sight, these last six months have been a wonder.”

He pulls you into his arms, as you pull up the sheets over you and his body. You kiss his neck, and he kisses your forehead. “So much love, its like…” He says but stops thinking of the right word when you both say in unison looking into each other’s gaze. “A glimmer...” Out side your door stood a very happy Kaoru, he walks away as he meets up with Kyouya and the others. “Kaoru where’s Hikaru?” Tamaki asks, Kaoru looks up smiling as he replies. “With Youko.” Kyouya noticed and tells Tamaki and the others the shouldn’t bother Youko and Hikaru. “Finally, they see the glimmer in each other.” Kaoru whispered as he walks out side.


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